Gaining Consent for Auckland Airport’s Second Runway


Auckland Airport is New Zealand’s busiest international airport, and our gateway to the world. To keep pace with projected growth in future demand and to improve resilience, a second runway will eventually be required.

Client Objective

While the airport is widely recognised as pivotal to New Zealand’s economic and social success, the task of enabling the second runway was not straightforward, with significant opposition expressed by certain groups. The Airport wished to gain the necessary consents, while also remaining a good neighbour and respected corporate citizen.

Our Role

The airport identified several different options for the second runway, in terms of its overall length and location. We helped identify the best approach by performing a detailed multi-criteria analysis of each option, and testing the sensitivity of the results to different score and weighting methods. The results were written up in a plain-English report, which later formed the basis of evidence presented to the hearings panel.


Planning approval for the new runway was granted in 2019, enabling the airport to expand its footprint in future when the need arises.