Consent Extension for NZ’s Largest Gas Field


The Maui gas field is located off the coast of the Taranaki region, and is the largest in NZ. It has provided an abundant source of natural gas since the late 1970s.

Client Objective

As the field started to approach the end of its current consent life, Maui’s owners performed extensive research and testing to determine the likely quantities of commercially-viable hydrocarbons remaining, Their work identified that significant quantities were still available for extraction, so a new consent was sought to extend the field’s operations for another 35 years.

Our Role

To assist, we were commissioned to estimate the likely financial and economic effects of future operations (should consent be granted). The results of the analysis were written up into a clear and concise brief of evidence, which was subsequently presented to the EPA at a hearing in Wellington. While our work was only one of many key inputs, it was instrumental in illustrating the wider public benefits of future operations, which in turn provided a key reason for consent renewal being granted.


The consent application was successful, and the field now has permission to keep operating for a further 35 years.