Creation of a New 4,000 Dwelling Suburb


Fulton Hogan is one of New Zealand’s largest land developers. One one of its most recent developments is the 3.000-lot Millwater subdivision just north of Silverdale in Auckland. With that land now fully developed, Fulton Hogan has spent the last few years working on their next development, Milldale. Milldale is a 4,000-lot subdivision just over the road from Millwater, which will provide for a range of dwelling typologies and include several local, neighbourhood, and town centres to meet the day to day needs of future residents and visitors.

Client Objective

The Milldale land was zoned for rural purposes under Rodney District Council’s operative District Plan when Fulton Hogan acquired it around 2013/14. In 2015, the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP) was notified, which superseded the district plans of the various territorial authorities in Auckland, including Rodney. As part of the PAUP process, Fulton Hogan sought a future urban zoning for the Milldale land to enable its future development.

Our Role

We were engaged to assist with several aspects of the proposed rezoning, including providing strategic advice on the likely size and location of the various centres required to service future residents, detailed background reports on land supply and demand in the local catchment, and the delivery of expert evidence at the PAUP hearing process in support of Fulton Hogan’s proposal.


The land was successfully rezoned to enable future urban development, with the first stage already well underway. Over time, the land will cater for up to 12,000 new residents and provide for more than 1,000 jobs across its various commercial centres.