Enabling the $100 Million Upgrade of Skyline


The Skyline Gondola, Restaurant and Luge Facility is located on Bob’s Peak in Queenstown, and it is the district’s most popular tourist attraction. In 2019, nearly one million people visited the site, with this expected to grow considerably further in future.

Client Objective

With a substantial increase in visitor numbers expected, Skyline Enterprises embarked on a significant re-development proposal in 2016 to replace the existing 4 seat gondola with new 10 seat gondola. In addition, an entirely new lower terminal building was proposed along with the complete refurbishment and substantial expansion of the existing restaurant building on Bob’s Peak. The total project cost was estimated at around $100 million.

Our Role

Given the size and significance of the proposed redevelopment, Skyline sought direct referral to the Environment Court, rather than having their resource consent application processed by the Council. Our managing director, Fraser Colegrave, was engaged to write and deliver economic evidence in support of the proposal, which considered both its one-off and ongoing economic effects (including adverse effects).


Consent for the redevelopment was finally granted by the Environment Court in February 2019, with initial planning on the redevelopment now underway.